Too much listening. Not enough talking.

My career Achilles . . .

I hit the ceiling on mental progress and I blame it on my inability to craft opinions within my industry. Or maybe it’s a lack of confidence in my own right to be wrong.

Whatever it is,  I need to start talking, debating, agreeing, disagreeing, calling out, asking questions, admitting confusion and being okay with just plain not knowing – just get it the hell out. It’s the only the remedy.

Does a learning threshold even exist? I hit it, regardless. I can’t seem to organize my thoughts, muster creativity or even remember something stupid like the word you use for a twice yearly event.

It’s as if my brain stopped working. Or maybe it’s just telling me to give it a break. Clean it out before I can index anymore useless social media tips or figure out how to effectively measure RT’s. Enough.

After all, every sponge needs a good ringing before it can soak up more mess, right?

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