Pinterest for Men

Just because the front page of Pinterest is laced with spring fashions, outrageous makeup tips and wedding inspiration … doesn’t mean it’s not a place for the men of the Internet. Dudes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em (and try to keep up). You’d be surprised at the amount of crude humor and plethora of Ron Swanson-isms you can find over there.  If that’s what you’re into.

Point is, Pinterest is not exclusively feminine fluff  as opposed to the opinion of Glen Stanberry, Gentlemint creator. Women do make up 80% of Pinterest users so it’s no surprise we pollute the front page with female-centric prettiness and OCD organizing inspiration. However, that doesn’t mean men can’t build – and unearth – some quality ideas for their manboards.

Pinterest doesn’t discriminate. And I know you, men, are a little bit interested, right? You’re welcome for ignoring that obvious pun, too.

Think of all the possibilities for manboards. Examples can showcase a slew of poker tips and matching cigars, microbrew recipes and small batch moonshine, your favorite steak joints up the California coast or the various breweries you’d like to tap. Perhaps you prefer a sports angle and create a board with moronic slow-mo mishaps for a mid-day laugh or photos detailing the Apple Cup saga, complete with Husky domination. Or maybe, for the BBQ masters in the family, you pin rub recipes and marinating advice. Surely the handymen can find top notch ideas floating freely in the Pinterest universe. I’m predicting it’s only a matter of time before Bobby Flay and Holmes hit the boards … unless Gentlemint is smart enough to get them first.

Hopefully you can see the possibilities of  manboards on Pinterest. Here are some great examples of Pinterest men and their boards I dig:

Timothy Carter – Social Media Infographics

Ryan Hodgson – My Photography, Rock Climbing and Jimmy

The Family Handyman – All of them are awesome

Dan Gordon – Watches

David Hoang – Design Tools and Inspirational Campaigns

Chris Pirillo – Storm Troopers

Gary Vaynerchuck – Wine

Really, Pinterest is ideal for the do-it-yourself renovators, repairmen, gadgeteers, world travelers, business men, gym rats and the list goes on. There is a whole ecosystem of forums, blogs, social networks and videos catering to all of these cultures — Pinterest allows you to transfer those online tips, manuals and inspiration into your own, organized forum.

For all the men who do use Pinterest, what was your reason?

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