Creating a Career Vision Board

Creating a Career Vision Board

Consciousness can shape reality and somewhere along my professional path, I let that notion slip away.  Shame aside, I’ve had the same goals for over a year that I’ve done little to work towards and that bothers me. So, while it may not seem logical to some, my first step to moving forward was to create a visual reminder.

A few weeks ago, I took my left-brain chill pill and started creating. I allowed myself to feel silly in my goals. I went with what registered in my heart and gut, instead of my logic. The finished product (above) is, quite literally, my bigger picture.

Through the creation process, I relied heavily on my role models. These ladies are a consistent presence in my every day – whether it’s following them on Twitter, subscribing to their RSS feeds, or reading their biographies/business books. I’m drawn to each one of them because of their voice, work ethic, background and above all, their steadfast stubbornness to do something they believe in. They are also a painful reminder that I haven’t been doing all I can to reach my goals. A reminder I needed.

Though my vision board boasts a few misspellings and plenty of dog hair, I love it and carry it in a notebook that never leaves my side. I understand that it’s no substitute for elbow grease, but it’s purpose is to serve as a good nudge every time red wine and RHOBH call my name. Which is often.

What’s on my vision board – a semi-detailed look

Faces at the crest:

Amy Jo Martin – she founded a social media company in her late-20s and tried things that hadn’t been done before. A renegade, as she calls herself. I’m reading her book now and the more I delve into the details of how she believes business should be done, the more my professional girl crush grows. Is that weird?

Martha Stewart – I know what you’re thinking, I don’t care. She may be over the top for the every day lady but this woman knows business. The one thing that really draws me to her though, is her extreme curiosity and tenacity to try so many different things.

Barbara Corcoran – she draws on her background to relate it to who she is as a professional and as a leader. Even early in her career, she never seemed afraid to put something out into the world and see if it worked. It usually did.

Bethenny Frankel – business persona, family, confidence. She’s not just a reality star, she was on the cover of Forbes for shit’s sake.

Erika Napoletano – her analysis of how business relates to life and her raw openness draw me in. We also have a favorite word in common … it’s starts with an F. Her TEDx talk is one of my faves. Oh, and any blog post she’s ever written.

Below their pretty faces is a mash up of all my entities – the ones I’m working on now (Coach Gray, this blog and BoomerangBeat) and the ones for down the road (those I’ve greened out). I matched each one with either a path I admire or where I’d like to see them go.

Who are your professional role models and how do you relate to them in your every day? Would you benefit from a career vision board? 

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