What I’m Learning: Prioritizing Shut It + Shout It

we all have something to learn and we all have something to say. what makes us difference is how we prioritize the value in the action.

shut it or shout it

i have always left much to be desired when it came to speaking up. still do – in both my personal and professional lives. and if often feels like there’s something wrong with me.

then, i changed my perspective.

i was reminded that sometimes talking can get in the way of not only learning, but imagination as well.

listening doesn’t come easy for all but i was born with a natural ability to do so. to turn off the “say everything that goes through my head” signal that so many seem to praise in today’s noisy world. but, those 27 years i sat around being quiet certainly weren’t wasted (right, susan?). they were purposeful listening on several levels. i had created a safe place for my ideas to flow, a place to reflect, to really hear, and to ask questions.

while others may not have seen my full potential because i sat quiet when i was younger, i was still working on something behind the scenes. honestly, back then that was a rather selfish thing to do. talking in order to further someone else’s agenda didn’t interest me. staying quiet and learning from everyone around me, did. i was looking for personal development, even then, when i didn’t understand it.

as that foundation grew, i began to use it more as a strength than see it as a weakness. slowly but surely i started to offer a ready ear, an informed idea or an “i understand” to others – both personally and professionaly.

i’ve never been good at speaking but this is an uphill battle for me. not a flat runway like it can be for some are naturally skilled at speaking and voicing their opinions. i have faith the foundation i’ve been subconsciously building, combined with hard and uncomfortable work, will make me an even stronger speaker than i realized i could be back then.

when i’m ready. and i’m almost ready.

where the hell did that come from?