Building a Blog: The First Blog Post

This one was hard to get out but I did it: What’s going on with the Pope?

It was hard on a couple levels:

1. I’m out of shape. I was super slow getting this one spit out. By the end, I couldn’t tell if it was a boring read or if I was just enamored with my own writing.

2. I struggled with length. I wanted enough solid information to lay the foundation, but I didn’t want to add information for the sake of it. Finding the balance between helpful and “I don’t need to know that” isn’t easy. I get distracted by the noise, a lot, which is the exact problem I’m trying to eliminate. A few more posts and hopefully I’ll find cadence.

3. My BB design is horrible as is.


I played with it a lot but all that buffering was only accomplishing one thing: delay. So, I put it out there. Maybe no one will read it, maybe someone will find it helpful. Either way getting it done, “readiness” aside, was my #1 goal.

I also realized that my original one-calendar-day dedication to BB was not enough. I needed three – one day to research, one day for weeding, and a third to finesse. I’ll go over my calendar and organizational plan in the next week.

What are (or were) your struggles with your first few posts? 


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