Building a Blog: The Why Factor

Finding your Why Factor – today, mine hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve thought about it several times before but it felt like I was trying to nail jello to a wall … I couldn’t quite get it.

I think the Why Factor is important because it gives you clarity and for me, freed me from a very odd struggle I was dealing with. The Why Factor doesn’t have to be short, one-dimensional, multi-dimensional or perfectly unique. You just need to know why. Focus on finding yours.

BoomerangBeat’s Why Factor

I found my “why” for BoomerangBeat today in its simplest form.

Young People and the Media

source: @MartinBelam

I don’t believe Mr. Belam was calling the younger generation ignorant as much as he was saying that’s how the media will spin the story from the ask. I hope so, anyway.

However, if that is the case, there’s still a problem. If the media continues to berate a generation that doesn’t know (and therefore asks), when is that generation going to stop feeling stupid for not understanding? Never.

Or worse, when will they stop asking?

For now, they are asking though and that’s half the battle. Why not use that opportunity more to teach and less to criticize? Help connect the dots so the “ignorant” generation can understand the story as it’s happening and its references down the road.

The rest of the pie chart, I think, accurately depicts the sheer number of stories and chatter that pop up every minute a breaking news story hits. Is it any wonder the younger generation doesn’t know how to navigate the white noise to find the facts that matter?

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