Building a Blog: The Details

I’m finally following a writing and design (learning Dreamweaver) schedule, but I’ve become so focused on the big things that I’ve ignored the bits and pieces that will really bring it all together. Since I have a horrible habit of writing things down here, saving them there, starting a draft post so I don’t forget type of habit, I collected and organized them in a more manageable way.

Below is my list of little to-do’s:

Technical Details

  1. SEO Yoast WordPress Plugin – very easy for blog and post optimization. If you don’t know basic SEO, start with the Beginner’s Guide to SEO
  2. RSS and email subscription
  3. Social sharing for each post (Like, Tweet, G+)
  4. Create my own social media buttons. I don’t much care for the generic ones. Add a step before this if you haven’t created profiles on various platforms, yet.
  5. Post comment system through Disqus
  6. Re-categorize uncategorized blog posts

Branding Details

  1. Create a blog style guide.
  2. Organize my post ideas journal – I use love Springpad
  3. Flesh out my design inspiration sources – to avoid looking like a replica of your competition, they should not come from the same industry
  4. Refine my blog’s purpose statement (tag line, core message, whatever you call it)
  5. Google+ authorship
  6. Upload favicon

Content Details

  1. Study the competition and follow
  2. Play with new content formats (shorter posts, video, scan-able content)
  3. Finish my rant and then ask for an outsider’s point of view. This is meant to complement my purpose statement.
  4. Re-evauluate content schedule (editorial calendar) – I use Google Calendar
  5. Create a lead statement for all “Building a Blog” so people know what I’m referring to when I mention BB

Check out BoomerangBeat, am I missing something? What are the most important details  you use to make your blog stand out?

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