Building a Blog: Finding Your Core Message

Building a Blog: Finding Your Core Message

Last week I wrote about my identity crisis surrounding BoomerangBeat and just as if they heard me, the Entrepreneur gods graced me with an article on the importance of finding focus in your core message.

BB’s current tag line doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve known this since I pseudo-settled on it when creating my header’s first draft. However, the back and forth game wore me out and I threw this up there:

Building a Blog: Focusing on the Core Message

Because BB’s title isn’t descriptive, and because the Entrepreneur article slapped me across the face, I realized this is something I need to get right, not something to be thrown up anywhere.

For too long, I focused BB on being a news outlet for the Millennial generation but working through the first two posts I realized my goal isn’t to aim my news in the direction of Millennial interest, it’s purpose is to deliver important issues in a, well, more underwhelming manner (a breaking news story every minute is anything but).

I don’t want to get too into it here, but if you read my passion piece on the issue I have with the state of the media, you’ll gain a better understanding of why I started BoomerangBeat and what it’s meant to be. If you do read it, I would love your feedback or any ideas you have for BB’s core message.

Did you have any concerns when creating your core message and communicating that quickly and effectively to your readers? 


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