Entrepreneur Magazine – Powerful Women to Watch 2014

I read Entrepreneur magazine religiously and while I’m often  frustrated by the lack of female representation on their covers (one to two a year with the second almost always being shared by a male counterpart), their January issue featured  seven of “The Most Powerful Women to Watch of 2014” (these are the articles I often find myself daydreaming about being a part of).

Two profiles in particular stood out to me. While it wasn’t necessarily the women that I connected with, it was the role they were fulfilling in their careers that piqued my interest.

The two qualities – the bridge builder and the fixer – are the ones I identify with when it comes to BoomerangBeat.entrepreneur magazine - most powerful women to watch

Michele Weslander-Quaid – The Bridge Builder

As a Google executive, Michele’s defining characteristic was that of a bridge builder. “A big part of my job,” she says “is to translate between Silicon Valley speak and government dialect. I act as a bridge between the two cultures.”

In terms of BoomerangBeat, this is how I feel about news-speak. I want to be the translator between in-depth news stories/correspondents/mainstream media and the general public.

If you want the general public to understand and have an opinion (their own opinion) then mainstream media, and even several niche sites, are writing to the wrong level of consumer.

“Good content is targeted content. If you’re writing a basic cake recipe for beginner home cooks, you’re on the right track. If you’re writing a basic cake recipe for master chefs, you’re not.” [source]

The media is backwards. They’re feeding master chef recipes to beginner home cooks hoping they stick with it, understand it, and care about it. In a world of a million recipes, no less.

Where are the news 101 options?

We’re grouping those that don’t understand and are frustrated with those that don’t care. This is a mistake.

Caryn Siedman-Becker – The Fixer

As chairman and CEO of CLEAR (airport security), Caryn’s defining characteristic is the fixer. Her main objective is to rebuild the trust and integrity of airport security with their customers.

This is what needs to happen between the Millennial generation and the news industry.

We are constantly tuning out of mainstream media and into niche alternatives (think PolicyMic, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Mashable).

While traffic and consumption looks healthy for these outlets, they’re still niche websites and thus, missing a very large portion of available audience and topics.

Enter: BoomerangBeat.

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