Holy Snowden

Every week, I document the journey and thought process that goes into building BoomerangBeat. That might sound boring to you, but it’s in my nature to document everything I do. You never know who may find it useful one day.

Think that’s ridiculous? I’m okay with that, you should see how many pictures I take.

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So I just Googled “what is the edward snowden controversy” and got this:

what is the edward snowden controversy

Result number-fucking-one.

I even signed out of Google so I wouldn’t get personal results. I assume this has to do with Google’s Hummingbird update (Google recognizes question searches instead of just sparsing together random keywords).

Asking questions – it’s how I use Google and the reason why I format BoomerangBeat the way I do (even before Hummingbird, mind you). If Google recognizes this need, others are more than likely searching this way in volumes as well.

This will be a very good thing for BoomerangBeat.

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