Building a Blog: Deciding on the Color Palette

finding your blog color palette

I’m still working on nailing down my design direction so it may not be obvious, but I decided from the beginning that I wanted my personal brand to be associated with green, which includes kadeeirene and BoomerangBeat.

For those who haven’t been following my Building a Blog series, BoomerangBeat is meant to be a news source that simplifies complex issues. A resource for those who want to understand, from start to present, what’s going on without the clutter or unimportant, too frequently wrong, “breaking news” bits.

However, less than two months into blogging on BB I started to re-think my color scheme.

In an industry where the expected color palette seems to be red and black (or the boring standby, muted blue), green started to feel really backwards. It’s something you see associated with “fresh” or “outdoors”, not news.

Then, Entpreneur magazine once again hit me upside the head with an article on color trends that read, “understand the norms in your sector. Know your competitors. Know the color palette. Nothing trumps personal preference.”

The thing is, I started BoomerangBeat because I wanted it to be the exact opposite of everything current news organizations are – breaking, fast-paced, shocking. Why on earth would I want to follow their color lead? After all, red means excitement and I don’t want my readers to feel rushed. I want them to slow down and stay calm when taking in the information.

Green seems perfectly out of place in the news industry.

Did you ever second guess yourself when choosing your blog/website’s colors? Did you ever go through with the change?