amazed by the ordinary

Last weekend we took grandma out in Bellevue and Seattle. She’s never been here. Coming from Ellensburg, there were a so many views and ports of creativity spewing from every corner, boat and weirdo that  my grandmother was amazed by everything. I was amazed by her.

Every new fixture and light display was breathtaking to her. Even our iPhones and the Kinect we made her play were marveled at for some time. Whatever it was she was taking in it was fully taken. Not half-assed, not assumingly and not without recognition of it’s beauty . . . even if it was just the ugly Fremont Troll in all it’s grandeur.

There’s a difference between accepting something simply because you understand it and another to feel alive in it’s presence. That’s what grandma allowed to happen this weekend. She got the beauty of it all. My sister and I hung a sign on the Fremont People that weekend, welcoming her to Seattle in true “holiday” fashion – and complete with a shitty hang job and soggy decor. She didn’t care. Or more importantly, maybe she didn’t see it. She cried.

A timely lesson that grandma taught me by just being her – live in the present, and less in the past or the future. When you do, you see the beauty in what is happening around you. You appreciate. You live. You make others feel important.

This holiday season I challenge you to look around – not with critical eyes but with an understanding that everything around you was created through a manifestation of choices, care and love. Whether it is the ugly Fremont Troll or your puppy playing in the snow for the first time.

Can you completely live if you don’t allow yourself to be amazed every once in awhile?


P.S. I’m making a video of the weekend to give to her as a Christmas gift this year. I’m going to shamelessly use an N*Sync song. Afterall, it’s about the words, not Justin Timberlake’s boy-band, tease-worthy braid phase.

Too much listening. Not enough talking.

My career Achilles . . .

I hit the ceiling on mental progress and I blame it on my inability to craft opinions within my industry. Or maybe it’s a lack of confidence in my own right to be wrong.

Whatever it is,  I need to start talking, debating, agreeing, disagreeing, calling out, asking questions, admitting confusion and being okay with just plain not knowing – just get it the hell out. It’s the only the remedy.

Does a learning threshold even exist? I hit it, regardless. I can’t seem to organize my thoughts, muster creativity or even remember something stupid like the word you use for a twice yearly event.

It’s as if my brain stopped working. Or maybe it’s just telling me to give it a break. Clean it out before I can index anymore useless social media tips or figure out how to effectively measure RT’s. Enough.

After all, every sponge needs a good ringing before it can soak up more mess, right?